Scott St. Jacques


The best part about taking the bystander course was having a small group based educational experience. Facilitators eventually get to know each other and develop close friend relationships (in my experience).

Taking this course prepared me for life in general. Learning about everything we have to facilitate is difficult and sometimes it changes the way you think about life and relationships with other people. It gives the facilitators a knowledge base and explains thoroughly how to prevent sexual assault in any situation.

Other students should take the course because it has the potential to change your life. This course presented me with the education I lacked in my life, I know that sounds pretty deep, but I 100% feel that this is truthful and have had other facilitators agree with me. Everyone has a different cultural base that they live from and this course gave me ability to think about my situations differently and examine my own culture from an outside perspective, which enabled me to see where I could potentially change and grow for the better.


I didn’t expect that I would ever enjoy a class in university as much as I enjoyed this class. Dr. Johnstone is an amazing Professor which makes it quite easy to be interested in the material. I also enjoyed how close the class had gotten at the end of the semester, its nice to see students actually talking to one another in a class instead of being lectured at. I also didn’t think this class would teach me so much about myself, Its given me the tools I need to succeed in life, to also notice and prevent sexual assault and help others understand that the rape culture we live in isn’t ok and we can be better people that what were introduced to through social media and pop culture.

Honestly, society these days is messed up and this course will show you how to protect yourself and your friends from committing assaults, being assaulted and also how to help someone/what to do if someone is assaulted. Statistics show that this is a prevalent issue that must be dealt with, and this course will give you the knowledge base to deal with it.

Bystander Initiative